Discover Daisy's Seasonal Recipe Inspirations

Allow us to share some of our favorite seasonal flavor pairings!

Sour Cream Tips and Tricks

Make good foods even better by adding Daisy Sour Cream

Adding a Dollop of Daisy on top of potatoes is a wonderful way to enhance the flavor of an American staple.  But there are so many other ways to enhance potato dishes with Sour Cream.  Using Sour Cream in mashed potatoes, for example, creates fluffy, delicious potatoes that are creamier and more dynamic

Daisy Sour Cream enhances batters by making them fluffier, lighter, and more moist.  Breads, pancakes, and pastries all get better when you add a Dollop of Daisy

Daisy is the perfect base to create creamy, fresh tasting dressings and sauces.  The dynamic yet delicate flavor of Daisy Sour Cream helps carry and elevate the fresh herbs and spices that complete so many great dishes.

Daisy Sour Cream is the secret ingredient to keep eggs moist, fluffy, and irresistible.  Adding a Dollop of Daisy to scrambled eggs and omelets will prevent the them from drying out or getting too hard and dense.

Cottage Cheese Tips and Tricks

Pairing Daisy Cottage Cheese with common household ingredients elevates the ordinary

Daisy Cottage Cheese has the perfect balance of creaminess and cultured dairy flavor to pair perfectly with fresh fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  But Daisy Cottage Cheese also works great by itself or with a sprinkle of cinnamon as a great dip for freshly sliced red delicious apples, as well as many other fruits!

Daisy Cottage cheese is an excellent substitute for mozzarella, and works wonderfully as fresh, protein-packed tweak to a caprese salad.  Slice cherry tomatoes, and drizzle olive oil, and balsamic, plus a little fresh basil, and you have a new and exciting take on an Italian staple

Daisy Cottage Cheese works wonderfully with fresh avocado on toast.  Simply spoon Daisy Cottage Cheese on your favorite multi-grain toast, add avocado slices or fresh guacamole, and perhaps some tomatoes and sunflower seeds, and you have a hearty, protein-packed snack full of heart-healthy omegas.

Daisy Cottage Cheese is the perfect substitute for your classic lasagna recipe.  For an extra creamy taste, blend Daisy Cottage Cheese first, then substitute it in place of Ricotta, you’ll have a delicious, protein-packed alternative that’s creamy, cheesy, and sure to please

Adding Daisy Cottage Cheese to pancake and waffle batters helps not only add protein to the batter, but it also makes the batters lighter and fluffier.  Pancakes and waffles become just a little more guilt free, and better tasting when you add Daisy Cottage Cheese to the mix!