Introducing Daisy French Onion and Creamy Ranch Dips

Made with America's Favorite Sour Cream

Featuring a carefully curated blend of herbs and spices, Daisy French Onion starts with a robust caramelly toasted onion flavor and finishing with delicate undertones of garlic. Daisy Creamy Ranch features a full-bodied garlic profile, a subtle yet dynamic mix of specially selected spices and a fresh, herbaceous finish. Daisy Sour Cream Dips are so creamy, and so flavorful that you would swear they were made from scratch.

Dips that embody Daisy’s Pure & Natural Heritage

When Daisy decided to create Sour Cream Dips lineup, we knew our dips had to embody our Pure & Natural heritage. That meant dips that are free from stabilizers, preservatives, added MSG (monosodium glutamate), and non-dairy allergens. Daisy Dips start with America’s favorite Sour Cream, and delicately blend specially selected herbs and spices that have been carefully curated from around the world. Whether it’s Onions or Garlic from California all the way to Oregon, or Parsley from Europe, once you pull back the golden foil seal, you will see and taste a bouquet of flavors that are sure to delight.

Sour Cream Dips 40+ Years in the Making

Generations ago, Daisy actually used to make refrigerated dips. But dips have been absent from Daisy’s portfolio for over 40 years. Why? Because we weren’t satisfied that we could deliver a best-in-class product that delivered on our highest expectations for freshness, quality, taste, and shelf life. Fast forward 40-some years of continual refinement, and five intense years of research and development, and we are now proud to launch a brand-new take on a once staple product, Daisy Sour Cream Dips!

Discover the Daisy Dips Difference