America's Favorite Sour Cream

Everything tastes better with a Dollop of Daisy

What makes Daisy America’s favorite sour cream?  Every package of Daisy Sour Cream is carefully crafted to deliver an eating experience that elevates the foods it’s paired with.  Whether it’s tacos, baked potatoes, or chili, Daisy’s delicate, yet dynamic flavor profile is specially designed to complement a wide array of foods from across the world, tying the flavors together to enhance their taste.  Daisy Sour Cream is the signature completion that makes good food even better.

It all starts with Cultured Cream

The secret to delivering the signature flavor in every Dollop of Daisy, is to start with only one ingredient: cultured cream.  From there, the key is not just what the ingredient is, but how we prepare and culture the cream that creates the flavor, creaminess, and overall eating experience that complements and enhances the foods it’s paired with.  We go through extraordinary lengths to remove impurities from the milk before we introduce very specific live and active cultures (the good bacteria) to the cream that creates the unmistakable character that has made Daisy Sour Cream America’s favorite brand.

Pure & Natural®, the spirit of Daisy Sour Cream

For Daisy, Pure & Natural® is more than just words on a package.  It’s the guiding principle that fills every cup of Daisy Sour Cream.  It means every Dollop of Daisy is free from preservatives, stabilizers, gums, thickeners, and other things that don’t belong in Sour Cream.  And it also means that Daisy Sour Cream is free from any non-dairy allergens like peanuts, gluten, or soy.  For Daisy, Pure & Natural® is as much about what’s not in the package, as it is what is in the package.

Maximizing freshness by squeezing a Dollop

While the classic white cup with red and blue logo has become a household staple for so many, we knew there was a way to deliver an even better eating experience.  Maximizing freshness while minimizing waste has been a hallmark of Daisy Sour Cream for decades.  But having industry-leading freshness and shelf life was just our starting point.  After 20 plus years of research and advancement, we are proud to have introduced a unique approach to squeezable Sour Cream package that even further maximizes the Sour Cream’s freshness while taking yet another step forward in reducing waste.  It’s fun, easy to enjoy, and it further elevates the Dollop of Daisy experience.

A Light Sour Cream like no other

One of Daisy’s most proud achievements was the creation of a Light Sour Cream that is so good, you’d think it was regular Sour Cream!  Just like our classic Sour Cream, we go through extreme lengths to prepare and culture our Light Sour Cream that allows us to deliver the flavor and creaminess you would expect from Daisy, but with 1/2 the fat, and 1/3 less calories!  Available in multiple sizes, as well as our revolutionary Squeeze package, Daisy Light is a Sour Cream like no other, and is America’s favorite Light Sour Cream!

If the package doesn't say Daisy, we didn't make it

One of the hallmarks of Daisy Sour Cream is unmatched flavor, consistency, and quality.  To achieve the highest standards of quality, Daisy knew we had to have total control of the product from the time we receive milk and cream from farmers across the country to the time you open the lid.  That’s why over the last several decades we’ve designed and built three of the newest, most state-of-the-art Sour Cream manufacturing facilities across the country that only make Daisy Brand products.  And although our package hasn’t changed in years, our tireless dedication to high quality dairy drives us to make each cup better than the last. If the cup doesn’t say Daisy on it, we didn’t make it.

Daisy is commonly served in Restaurants across the US

Did you know that Daisy Sour Cream is also served in some of the most popular restaurants in America?  Chefs across the country take great pride in delivering the same Daisy Sour Cream you have in your fridge at home.  Whether it’s a fast and casual bite, or a nice sit-down experience, Daisy is one of the favorite Sour Cream choices in some of the most recognizable restaurant kitchens in the US.  So don’t be afraid to ask for a dollop of Daisy when you eat out!

Discover the Sour Cream that's right for you

Classic Daisy Sour Cream

Classic Daisy Pure & Natural Sour Cream. Rich and Creamy, the signature completion to a great meal

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Daisy Light Sour Cream

With 1/3 less calories, and 1/2 the fat, Daisy Light is the perfect guilt-free topping to elevate your meal

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts