It Starts with a  Pure & Natural® Heritage

For Daisy Brand, “Pure & Natural” is more than writing on a cup; rather, it is an ethos that defines who we are, and how we make our products.  For five generations Daisy has been committed to the highest quality dairy products available, and Daisy Cottage Cheese elevates that expectation.

For Daisy, Cottage Cheese was a 20+ year journey of research and development on how to make Cottage Cheese completely different than what the industry had previously known. Why? Because conventional Cottage Cheese making standards weren’t at the level necessary to revitalize a category that lost its favor with consumers fifty-some years ago.

Only Daisy Cottage Cheese will do!
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Cottage Cheese Making is an Art

Making Cottage Cheese correctly is actually an incredibly detailed and precise art that requires true cheesemakers to do correctly.  Milk is at the core of everything we do.  But it’s how we prepare the milk, condition the milk, and culture the milk that is what makes us who we are.  The true Daisy difference is centered around how and why we prepare the products the way we do to ensure that not only do we prevent bad stuff from getting into the product, but we remove what doesn’t belong in the milk.  By only keeping in the good stuff that should be there, the outcome is truly wholesome, better tasting products that deliver the highest level of quality time after time.  This is the special secret of why Daisy products have industry-leading shelf lives without using stabilizers, preservatives, or additives.

Small Batches, and the Delicacy of Crafting Cottage Cheese, the Daisy Way

Cheesemaking is a complicated, sensitive process where we introduce specific cultures (good bacteria) to milk in small batch cheesemaking vats.  This combination of cultures and milk then thickens until just the right moment where it’s ready to be delicately cut, the beginning of the curd-forming process.   Once cut, the thickened milk is cooked and cooled where it gets ready to complete its journey to become small cheese cubes, known as curds.

For the most part, all Cottage Cheese curds actually start square.  It’s how the curds are delicately and precisely cut, and what happens after, that determines whether those curds remain intact and true to their original form.  Daisy takes great lengths through an incredibly delicate and sensitive process to make sure that from the time the curds are cut, to the time the curds are coated in cultured dressing (the rich, creamy portion of our Cottage Cheese that envelopes the curds), we retain the original cube-like shape, the way curds are intended to be.

Live & Active Cultures, the Secret to Daisy's Creamy Wholesomeness

For the most part, all Cottage Cheese is made of two components: cheese curds, and a semi-viscous liquid that the industry refers to as “dressing.”
Most conventional Cottage Cheeses use thickeners and stabilizers to create a dressing that doesn’t separate from the curds. Over 20 plus years of development, we created a special cultured dressing that uses live and active cultures to develop the creamy flavor and wholesome eating experience which is unique to Daisy Cottage Cheese.

This creamy cultured dressing coats the artisanally-crafted curds, and gives our Cottage Cheese the final delicious taste you expect from Daisy. Special live and active cultures are part of the secret recipe that has shaped Daisy Cottage Cheese into America’s number one brand.

Superlative Level Quality, Consistency, and Taste are by Design

For Daisy, delivering superlative level quality is core to who we are.  To be able to deliver that promise to consumers, we knew we had to be in 100% control of our manufacturing, which is why over the past two and a half decades we built the newest, most state-of-the-art Cottage Cheese facilities in the country from the ground up.  From the time Daisy receives milk from farmers across the country to the time Daisy products head to the grocery store, every decision Daisy team members make is centered around delivering a better-quality product than anyone else in the world. If it doesn’t have the Daisy name on it, we didn’t make it.

Only Daisy Cottage Cheese will do!

Find the Cottage Cheese that's right for you

Classic 4%:

Carefully crafted with live and active cultures to deliver Daisy's uniquely wholesome, creamy taste

2% Low Fat:

Classic Daisy Cottage Cheese with less calories, less fat, and less sodium

Single Serve with Real Fruit Compote:

6oz of conveniently portioned Cottage Cheese with real fruit compote. Perfect for snacking and on the go!

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Our Cottage Cheese starts with only 3 ingredients: milk, cream, and salt.

4% Low Fat Cottage Cheese Nutrition

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

2% Low Fat Cottage Cheese Nutrition

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Single Serve with Fruit Nutrition

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts