Daisy Cottage Cheese

Specially made to deliver a fresh, creamy taste in every bite. Packed with protein to fuel your day.

Cottage Cheese with Fruit
Single serve with 1.7oz real fruit compote.
New Daisy Cottage Cheese Regular and Light 5.03 oz two pack

Single serve cottage cheese 2-packs.

Daisy Cottage Cheese 4%

Daisy Pure & Natural® 4% Cottage Cheese is Daisy’s classic, rich and creamy taste that defines cottage cheese as it should be.

Daisy Cottage Cheese 2%

Daisy Cottage Cheese 2% is light & creamy cottage cheese with all the taste and less guilt.

Make every recipe irresistible with Daisy®

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Spread on crackers or a toasted English muffin and top with your favorite jam.

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Sprinkle with granola, and top with berries and a touch of honey for a tasty treat.

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Mix into smoothies, pancake batter, and oatmeal for a protein boost.

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Stir with salsa and enjoy with chips or crackers.

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Mix with pico de gallo, add an avocado slice, and roll it all together in a warm corn tortilla.

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Toss with cooked pasta and fresh-ground black pepper.