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Daisy® Brand Regular, Light, and Pourable Sour Creams are made without fillers, preservatives, or stabilizers. The naturally cultured flavor ensures consistent taste for your recipes time after time.

Daisy Regular Sour Cream, with its full-bodied, creamy texture and preferred taste, affords the greatest versatility for creative chefs.

Daisy Light Sour Cream perfectly complements menus with healthy, reduced-fat items.

Easily drizzled, Daisy Pourable Sour Cream allows for quick decorations or signatures.

Flavor profile, product consistency, and availability are just a few reasons why Daisy Brand is the nation’s best-selling branded sour cream.

Available Nationwide

Daisy products can be found coast to coast through most custom and broadline distributors. Select produce houses and cash & carry wholesalers also stock Daisy.

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Compliance with California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB657)

Daisy Brand operates in an ethical manner, complying with all applicable laws and regulations related to the fair treatment of employees. Likewise, our supplier partners are expected to comply with applicable laws, including adhering to labor standards and providing a safe working environment.

Daisy Brand has implemented an internal program to request confirmation of compliance from our major suppliers regarding the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act.

If determined necessary, Daisy Brand personnel may, after notice, audit a supplier. While Daisy Brand reserves the right to terminate suppliers who do not adhere to our policies, we address non‐compliance on a case‐by‐case basis.

At Daisy Brand, we expect our employees to uphold the highest standards of conduct—to act in a mature, responsible, honest, and ethical manner at all times. The same level of conduct is expected of our contractors.

Daisy Brand will determine whether any additional training, changes to our accountability standards and procedures, or further verification by Daisy of our supply chain is needed to comply with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act.